Our Legal Team

If you have been seriously injured by the conduct of another, you deserve attorneys committed to you. At Power & Power Law, we know that success results from dedication to our clients and expertise in the law. This is why we specialize in Alaska personal injury litigation. If you have been hurt in Alaska and require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who will be committed to your case, contact Power & Power Law.


Our Alaska personal injury attorneys, Whitney Power and Michele Power, are a daughter-mother legal team with over 30 years of combined legal experience. Whitney is a fierce advocate who is straightforward, hardworking and relentless in providing her clients valuable legal counsel when the need is greatest. Michele takes a no-nonsense, direct approach, standing up to bullying insurance companies and big business. Both are champions in holding responsible parties accountable for negligent and wrongful conduct, committed to seeing justice served. With the support of paralegal Heather Hemenway, the Power & Power Law legal team is a force for justice across the state of Alaska. Learn more about each of the people who make our firm successful by following the links below: