Can I Receive Compensation if I was Injured in an Aviation Accident?

Owing to Alaska’s remote location and lack of connectivity, air-travel is frequent and necessary for many Alaska residents for tasks like shopping, medical appointments, and personal visits. The use of small aircrafts and the hindrances of topography and climate in Alaska make the probability of aviation accidents here greater than in other parts of the country.

These aviation accidents cause serious injuries and are often fatal. When the cause of an accident is equipment failure or negligence, any income loss, physiological/psychological injuries, medical expenses, property loss, or loss of quality of life can be compensated through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Travel in small planes is still dangerous in spite of improved safety due to developments in aviation technology. The presence of pilot errors, mechanical errors, and airline errors further confounds the problem.

At Power & Power Law, we offer skilled personal injury lawyers to provide legal aid to the aggrieved parties involved in aviation accidents. We represent clients all over Alaska, and a free consultation can be conducted telephonically or scheduled at our office in Anchorage. 

Put Our Experience to Work for You

The complex engineering issues and technical forensic evidence makes aviation accident claims tricky to investigate. Thus, in order to win just compensation and have a strong case, your lawyer should have necessary skills to investigate the factors contributing to the accident. Attorney Whitney Power is a licensed pilot and possesses these skills.

Our vast experience in aviation accident claims has shown us that aviation accidents often occur due to pilot errors, inadequate fuel levels, maintenance issues, and violation of safety protocols; but some are also due to defective products. In case of a defective product, our experience with death and injury aviation accident claims can help you get the compensation you need to recover.

In case you require legal help after an aviation accident, we can offer you a free consultation to evaluate your case. We will help you ascertain what grounds you might have to claim compensation. We will provide an experienced evaluation of your case which will aid you in making an informed legal action plan.

Talk To An Attorney With Extensive Experience

An airplane accident personal injury attorney can help if you have been injured in any of the following:

  • Accidents during recreational activities involving Alaskan residents and visitors;
  • Collisions and crashes involving multiple aircraft, mountain passes, and glaciers;
  • Helicopter accidents;
  • Air taxi and float plane accidents; and
  • Large commercial airplane accidents.

Where can I Find an Alaska Airplane Accident Attorney? 

If you or a loved one has a claim that you would like to discuss with an experienced personal injury attorney, please contact us. The attorneys at Power & Power Law will evaluate your case and consult with you on your legal options free of charge.