Tourist Injury Lawyers

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Alaska each year for the beautiful mountain views, scenery and wild life. In fact, tourism is one of the state’s leading industries. Unfortunately, sometimes the adventure results in injury.

If you have been hurt by another's conduct while vacationing in Alaska, the personal injury attorneys at Power & Power Law can help you.

Suffering an injury away from home can be stressful and confusing. You may need medical assistance, and you may incur additional and unplanned expenses. You may be able to obtain assistance with these expenses.

Because Alaska laws may be different than the laws of your home state or country, you may also have a variety of legal questions. It is important you understand your legal rights in Alaska.

Our Alaska tourist injury attorneys have extensive experience representing out-of-state clients who were injured while visiting Alaska.  It is our common practice to conduct business telephonically, over the internet and through video conferencing.  We make it possible for you to effectively litigate your case while you remain in your home town.

If you have been injured while on vacation in Alaska, contact Power & Power Law. You want an attorney who has a strong understanding of the local legal system and who can help you to understand your options. Contact us today!