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Sexual Assault in Alaska

Power & Power Law is dedicated to assisting victims of sexual assault obtain justice.

Victims of child sexual abuse in Alaska often suffer from devastating psychological injuries resulting from the abuses. Long-standing damages include an increased likelihood of suicidal or depressive thoughts, addiction problems, interpersonal relationship problems, and withdrawal from society.

At the time of the sexual abuse, the abuse may affect the child’s ability to perceive right from wrong and impact his or her ability to self-protect. Abusers are often those the child trusts most, such as teachers, clergy, coaches, social workers, foster parents, camp counselors, Boy Scout leaders, and other youth group leaders.

Many child sexual abuse victims suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”).  They may feel helpless or trapped.  They may repress memories of the abuse, become unnaturally secretive or conflicted about disclosure.

It may take years before a victim discloses or reports the sexual abuse. In Alaska, even if the child sexual abuse happened years ago, it may still be possible to bring a claim

The Anchorage sexual abuse attorneys at Power & Power Law have both the experience and expertise to help if you, or a family member, have been victimized. Our experienced attorneys will diligently work to hold perpetrators and their enablers responsible for the harms they cause.

Anyone can be a victim

Anyone can be the victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse. Oftentimes the perpetrator is an acquaintance, who befriends and establishes a connection with a victim to lower the inhibitions of the abuse victim. The opportunity to establish that connection is frequently accomplished through school or institutional functions, religious organizations or the perpetrator’s employment. If an institution enabled the perpetrator to commit the assault by negligently failing to provide sufficient supervision or negligently failing to provide adequate security, the attorneys at Power & Power Law office can help.

Our Anchorage attorneys have decades of combined experience in helping child sexual abuse victims in Alaska obtain compensation for their injuries, including those abused by coaches, social workers, priests, teachers, police officers, business owners, and employees.

We understand the devastation and grief caused by child sexual abuse.  And, we understand the immense strength and courage it takes to acknowledge the harm caused by the abuse.

Let the attorneys at Power & Power Law help you or your family member take-on the child sexual abuser and their enablers to obtain the results you deserve.  We will vigorously advocate for you.

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