Five Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents in Alaska

Motor vehicle accidents in Alaska are an unfortunate reality, but there are some things you can do to reduce the possibility that you will be involved in one. Of course, you should always comply with traffic regulations in the Official State of Alaska Driver Manual. However, many safe driving tips go above and beyond simply obeying the law. Some encompass a concept termed “defensive” driving, and others are just plain common sense.


If you were hurt in a crash, contact an Alaska car accident attorney to assist with filing a claim. You can also read on for some recommendations designed to ensure you will not be in such a position.

  • Do Not Drive “Buzzed”: You are well aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated, but many people are not aware that their physical and cognitive capabilities are impaired even after just a couple drinks. You may not be slurring your speech or falling down drunk, but driving while buzzed can still slow reaction time and affect your ability to make smart decisions behind the wheel.
  • Put the Phone Down: Unlike many other US states, Alaska does not have a law prohibiting certain forms of cell phone use during driving. Even so, safety for yourself and other occupants in your vehicle mandates that you wait to take a call, read a text, surf the internet, or post to social media. Any of these tasks can wait until you are stopped.
  • Keep Your Distance: Avoid tailgating, which can severely limit your reaction time if the vehicle in front of you slows or comes to a sudden stop. The rule of thumb is to allow at least one car length for every 10 miles per hour you are traveling, especially in the slick, snowy conditions that persist throughout Alaska’s winter season.
  • Practice Regular Vehicle Maintenance: You should always ensure your car is in safe driving condition, so do a quick inspection when you get in your vehicle. Plus, schedule a regular maintenance check with your mechanic when you get an oil change or rotate tires. Make necessary repairs to brakes, steering, your windshield wipers, and other systems to avoid an accident.
  • Watch Blind Spots: Rear view and side mirrors are useful in allowing you to see around most of your vehicle, but there is always a blind spot that affects visibility. Use caution when changing lanes, making turns, and passing other vehicles. Remember that other drivers have blind spots as well, so try to avoid driving and lingering in them.


Discuss Your Rights with an Alaska Car Accident Lawyer

As a final recommendation, you should always bear in mind that other motorists on the road are NOT using these tips. Not all drivers are as dedicated to safety, and those drivers put everyone else at risk of serious accidents. Fortunately, you do have rights and our team at Power & Power Law will make sure to protect them. To learn more about our legal services for car crash victims, please contact our office in Anchorage, Alaska to set up a free consultation.