Alaska #1 for Walking Commuters: Tips to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents


You know that walking to work is good for your physical and mental health, but you might be surprised to learn that Alaska tops the list when it comes to the percentage of individuals who commute on foot. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8.9% of Alaskans walk or bike to work – compared to the national average of 3.4%. There are multiple factors that may contribute to these statistics, including the high cost of gas and concentration of people near their places of work.

Of course, whether walking for pleasure, exercise, or your job, you might also be increasing your risk of being injured in a pedestrian accident. While you can trust an Anchorage pedestrian accident attorney to enforce your rights if you are hurt, some tips on avoiding these incidents may help.


Tips for Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

Driver error is the most common reason that pedestrian accidents happen, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself. For instance:

  • Stay alert to your surroundings when walking on sidewalks and crossing an intersection.
  • Always use crosswalks when present and follow traffic signals.
  • Never cross the street other than at an intersection, i.e., do not jaywalk.
  • Put your phone away when walking. Texting, talking, posting to social media, and other activities are just as dangerous for pedestrians.
  • When walking at night or in low light, wear brightly colored clothing so you are visible to motorists. If you make it a regular activity, consider investing in clothing that features reflective tape and carry a flashlight.


Legal Remedies for Victims of Pedestrian Accidents

Even though you were not in a motorized vehicle, your rights as an injured victim are similar when you are hurt in a pedestrian accident. You need to prove that the responsible motorist did not exercise reasonable care when driving, and this misconduct was the direct cause of the incident. You must also show that you sustained physical, emotional, and financial harm, so you are entitled to compensation. It is possible to recover such losses as:

  • Costs of medical treatment;
  • Your lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Lost quality of life.

You should note that Alaska does have a rule regarding contributory negligence, and it applies in pedestrian accident claims. By law, your monetary damages will be reduced if you were partly at fault for the incident. As a person on foot, you are still obligated to follow traffic laws, including traffic lights and “Don’t Walk” signs. A violation could result in application of the contributory negligence rule and less compensation for you.


Count on an Alaska Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for Assistance 

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, your first priority behind obtaining medical attention should be retaining an experienced personal injury attorney for legal help. You increase your chances of recovering fair compensation when you have a lawyer at your side, both during settlement discussions with an insurance adjuster and in court. For more information about your rights and remedies, please contact Power & Power Law to set up a free consultation at our office in Anchorage, Alaska.