Tips for Managing Driver Distraction Can Help Prevent Alaska Car Accidents


By now, motorists understand the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, and a report from the Alaska Highway Safety Office reveals just how far we have come in recognizing the dangers. In comparing current policies with the landscape that existed in 2003, note the following:

  • Distracted driving went from a recurring problem to a major priority for highway safety agencies in all US states.
  • All states now gather data on cell phone use while driving, up from just 17 in 2003.
  • Currently, 48 states, DC, and three territories ban text messaging while driving; the other two states ban texting while driving for novice drivers.


All of these factors are good news, but the fact remains that distracted driving still tops the list of causes for auto crashes. Plus, there are many other driver distractions that do not involve phone use – and which are equally risky. Though you cannot predict the actions of other motorists, you can protect yourself with a few tips on avoiding distracted driving car accidents in Alaska.

  • Silence and Stow Your Phone: When your device is in your pocket, purse, or a cupholder, you are tempted to grab it for an incoming call or message. Eliminate the temptation by stowing it out of reach or download one of many apps that will disable your phone when you are driving.
  • Avoid Adjusting the Radio: Interacting with your vehicle’s sound system is not illegal, but it is one of the many distracted driving activities that is still extremely dangerous. The music can wait until you are stopped or in light traffic.
  • Stop to Use a GPS: Many drivers rely on GPS technology to get around, but these devices are similar to interacting with a phone – which means it is just as dangerous to use one while you are driving. Plug in your destination before you depart, and pull over if you need to input or check information about your route.
  • Hold Off on Refreshments: Motorists often grab a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, or other refreshments to save time or multi-task. Still, eating and drinking take your attention away from safe operation of the vehicle, even if just for a few seconds. A moment’s distraction is all it takes to cause a crash or be unable to avoid one.
  • Secure Pets in the Backseat: This driver distraction may come as a surprise, until you realize how your focus is elsewhere when you have a pet in your lap or sitting next to you. Plus, your dog or cat is safer in the backseat – and secured in a crate or harness – if you are involved in a collision.


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