Five Questions for Your Doctor When Being Treated for Alaska Car Accident Injuries


Car accidents are chaotic and overwhelming, and they are even more stressful if you were hurt because of another driver’s negligence. Unfortunately, injury-causing traffic collisions are a common occurrence in Alaska and throughout the US. In fact, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that around three million people suffer nonfatal bodily harm in motor vehicle accidents every year. Most will require emergency or urgent care, especially for serious and catastrophic injuries.

Seeking medical treatment as soon as possible after an auto collision is critical for getting on the road to recovery, but it is also important for the purposes of your legal rights. Therefore, it is valuable to obtain critical information during your visits with your doctor. An Anchorage car accident lawyer can explain in more detail, but you can support your legal rights by asking the following questions:


  1. How bad are my injuries? You do not need an extremely technical medical description, but you should at least gain an understanding of your diagnosis. If you broke a bone, make sure you know which one; for head injuries, get the exact terminology, such as traumatic brain injury or concussion.


  1. When can I expect to recover? No physician will be able to pinpoint an exact date, so request a ballpark figure regarding when your health should return. Obviously, your recovery time will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries, as well as treatment and your own dedicated at-home care.


  1. Should I take time off work after a car accident? Your doctor may recommend that you not overexert yourself, both for recovery purposes and to ensure you do not reinjure yourself. In some cases, this could mean taking time off or working in a limited capacity. You may lose wages in such a situation, but keep in mind that you may be able to recover these amounts as damages.


  1. What prescription and/or over-the-counter medications can I take for pain? It is likely that you will experience some pain or discomfort, so make sure to ask your physician about your options for pain management. You may receive a recommendation for OTC medications, but your doctor may offer a prescription for more severe pain.


  1. Will I need care from a specialist? It is important to know right away whether you will need to see another physician as part of the healing process, so you can obtain a referral from your doctor and get on the path to recovery as soon as possible. Again, you will likely be able to recoup these costs when filing an auto crash claim against the responsible driver.


Our Alaska Car Accident Attorneys Will Protect Your Interests

Once you obtain proper medical care and consult with your doctor about the above questions, you can turn your case over to our experienced lawyers at Power & Power Law. We can transition this information into helpful support for your claim, so you are able to recover the compensation you deserve as an injured victim. To learn more about our legal services,please contact our offices in Anchorage, Alaska to set up a free consultation.