Safety Tips for Tourists When Driving in Anchorage, AK


Tourists flock to Alaska throughout the year for its rugged beauty and amazing views of both mountains and sea. In fact, some of the best scenic drives around are just a day trip from Anchorage, including the Turnagain Arm, Hatcher Pass, and Matanuska River Valley routes. However, driving around the region is probably very different from what you might know at home. Not only are you less familiar with the roads and neighborhoods, but there are unique factors present in Alaska that require special attention. Unless you know about the risks and take proper precautions, you could be involved in a serious car accident.

If you were hurt in a crash, you can count on an Anchorage tourist injury attorney to seek appropriate legal remedies, even after you return home. Some driving safety tips developed for visitors may also help you avoid injury.


Always Wear Your Seat Belt

It goes without saying that you need to buckle up whenever you are driving, no matter where you are traveling. Seat belts save lives and are required under Alaska law. When you are properly secured, you are more likely to avoid a serious head injury and remain conscious after the initial impact.


Watch for Wildlife

Some of the very creatures you travel from hundreds of miles away to see can also present a threat when you encounter them on the road. The largest animals, including moose, elk, bear, and deer, can cause serious accidents when you swerve or brake to avoid them. You could steer into oncoming traffic or collide with a tree or other stationary object.


Use Extra Caution in Bad Weather 

Winters in Alaska can be long, so you need to expect snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain to impact your driving. You will need to drive slowly in bad weather, avoid slamming on the brakes, and increase the following distance from the car ahead of you.


Put Down the Phone

It is tempting to grab your phone to capture images and video of the gorgeous scenery, but wait until you are safely pulled over to do so. Other smartphone use, such as texting, talking, surfing the internet, and posting to social media distracts your attention away from safe operation of your vehicle.


Obey All Traffic Laws

Just as you would when driving at home, make sure to comply with Alaska’s rules of the road. Do not run through red lights or traffic signs, always drive the speed limit, and allow proper right-of-way to others on the road. Of course, when you are having fun on your Alaska vacation, always let a sober person take the wheel if you have been drinking.


Contact an Alaska Tourist Injuries Lawyer if You Were Injured in an Accident 

For more information on your rights after being involved in any type of tourist accident, please contact Power & Power Law to set up a free consultation. Our firm handles cases for many visitors to Anchorage, so you can trust our team to assist with the legal process and get the compensation you deserve.