What to Do After Suffering Injuries as a Tourist in Alaska


Alaska’s mountains, glaciers, waterways, and wildlife make it a prime tourist destination for adventurers, thrill-seekers, culture aficionados, and many other visitors who enjoy the outdoors. The Alaska Resource Development Council shed some light on tourism statistics, revealing that almost 2.3 million people traveled to The Last Frontier State during the high season in 2019 – via air, roadway, and ferry. Of course, many of the attractions that make the state so popular also carry the risk of tourist injuries. Your safety could even be in jeopardy as you go about seemingly routine activities, such as driving, dining out, shopping, or enjoying your hotel’s amenities.

When you are a visitor hurt in an accident that was not your fault, the unfamiliar surroundings and foreign environment can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can rely on an Alaska tourist injuries attorney to handle the legal process – including some tasks after you return home. Still, there are some steps you should take after suffering injuries as a visitor to Alaska.


Seek Proper Medical Treatment

 Your well-being is a priority, so head to an ER or urgent care center right away after an accident. Getting proper treatment supports your health, but it also affects your legal rights. You will need medical records to prove your case, and going to the doctor immediately indicates that your injuries were not trivial.


Call 911

If you were hurt in an auto collision, dial 911 to summon police and first responders. In addition, you may want to contact officials for other injury-causing incidents, such as an accident that occurs because of dangerous conditions on property.


Obtain Essential Contact Information

 Depending on the severity of your injuries, do your best to collect contact details from individuals and entities that may be potential parties in a tourist injuries claim. Exchange information with other drivers, and get details regarding property or business owners, cruise or tour operators, hotel management, and related parties.


Gather Evidence

 You may be limited because of your injuries, but try to obtain as much evidence as possible from the scene of the tourist accident. Make sure to include:

  • Pictures of your injuries and surrounding circumstances;
  • Contact information from bystanders and witnesses; and,
  • Insurance information.


Keep Conversations Brief

 While still at the scene of the accident, do not discuss the incident with other parties. If an insurance company contacts you afterwards, decline to answer questions other than to confirm contact information. You could inadvertently make statements that harm your legal rights, such as an admission of fault. It is wise to allow your attorney to field questions and communicate with the insurance claims adjuster.


Contact an Anchorage, AK Tourist Injuries Lawyer for Legal Help

 One of the most important steps you can take as the victim of a tourist accident is retaining skilled legal counsel at the earliest possible opportunity. Our attorneys at Power & Power Law can handle all essential legal tasks to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, so please contact our Anchorage office today to schedule a free consultation.