Victims’ Rights After an Alaska Cruise Shore Excursion Accident


As you are planning a cruise vacation, you are probably reviewing many of the different types of shore excursions available at the different ports of call that you will be visiting. In addition to the wide range of fun activities onboard the ship, these adventures are among the top reasons that millions of passengers book cruise vacations every year. From shopping, dining, and museum visits to water activities, airplane sightseeing, ziplining, and extreme sports, there is a shore excursion that appeals to all ages and interests. However, there are risks involved with many of these activities and the potential for accidents is higher than you might expect. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that more than 31% of all passenger injuries are linked to shore excursions.


You may have a general idea of your remedies in a personal injury accident, but keep in mind that the laws apply differently when you are hurt in connection with a cruise vacation. You could jeopardize your rights if you try to handle the legal process alone, so trust an Anchorage cruise and shore excursion injury lawyer for assistance. A summary of these cases may also be helpful.


How Shore Excursion Accidents Happen

You might associate high-risk sports and physical adventures with the majority of shore excursion injuries, but the truth is that you could be hurt during many different types of activities. Any Alaska cruise operator offering could lead to serious bodily harm, including:

  • Snorkeling and scuba dive adventures;
  • Airplane sightseeing tours;
  • Glacier tours;
  • Walking, rock climbing, and hiking tours;
  • Fishing expeditions;
  • Kayaking, canoeing, and boating;
  • Food poisoning when dining ashore; and
  • Many more.


Additional Dangers Ashore 

Another risk factor for shore excursion injuries involves criminal or intentional acts that you may encounter onshore. Assault and other attacks are not the fault of the cruise or tour operator, but they may have a duty to warn about the potential for injury-causing misconduct. If a port-of-call is generally unsafe, the cruise ship should not be visiting it at all.


Shore Excursion Accident Claims are Complicated

If you are hurt while partaking in an onshore activity, liability can be extremely complex. Tour operators are separate entities from the cruise company, so the cruise line will likely deny your injury claim on this basis. Plus, your contract for passage on board an Alaskan cruise ship probably includes waiver provisions that limit your rights in an accident.

If you can overcome some of these legal challenges, you should note that a different statute of limitations applies to shore excursion accidents. The relevant time period in an Alaska personal injury case is two years, but you might only have six to 12 months to file a claim.


Discuss Your Rights with an Alaska Cruise and Shore Excursion Accident Attorney

The laws that apply to cruise and shore excursion incidents can be confusing, especially when you should be focusing on recovery from your injuries. It is smart to retain experienced representation to handle the claims process, so please contactPower & Power Law to learn how we can assist in getting compensation for your losses. We can set up a free consultation at our offices in Anchorage, Alaska or via telephone or teleconference to discuss your options.