Three Reasons You Need a Local Alaska Attorney After Suffering Tourist Injuries


Tourism is thriving again in Alaska, as more than 2.26 million visitors flock to the Last Frontier State every year and the numbers will continue to rise. According to the Alaska Resource Development Council, around 1.7 million guests travel by cruise ship, another 760,000 arrive by air, and still 97,000 more enter the state via roadway or ferry. If you are one of them, there is no shortage of activities, adventures, cultural experiences, and food to enjoy.


However, accidents are still a threat when you are on vacation. Though airline, ferry, cruise ship, and train travel are generally safe, dangerous onboard conditions can lead to injuries. Once you arrive in Alaska, the risk of motor vehicle collisions is high, and incidents can even occur when you are enjoying your favorite activities. These incidents are even more tragic when you are so far from home. Under the circumstances, it is critical to retain a local Alaska tourist injuries attorney for the following reasons.


You need a lawyer regardless of where the accident occurred.

Even at home, you would need legal counsel to assist with the legal process after being hurt in an accident. Usually, you will seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer; these companies will fight your claim at every possible opportunity to avoid paying damages. Attorneys are well-versed in the strategies insurance companies use to deny or lowball accident claims, so your interests are protected during settlement negotiations.


It is a mistake to represent yourself in court.

If the insurer refuses to pay a fair amount, it will be necessary to go to court to recover compensation for your losses. Any case involving an Alaska accident will proceed in an Alaska courtroom, and you will need to be present to attend hearings. Regardless of the logistical hurdles, keep in mind that you will be responsible for:

  • Drafting the complaint to initiate a lawsuit;
  • Preparing all documents to officially serve the defendant;
  • Presenting and defending motions;
  • Conducting discovery;
  • Attending and taking depositions; and,
  • Representing yourself at trial.


A local attorney knows the specifics of Alaska law.

While there are some similarities across jurisdictions, the personal injury laws of every US state are different. Some of the statutes and concepts that are specific to Alaska are:

  • The statute of limitations, which is generally two years;
  • Insurance regulations that establish Alaska as an “at fault” state for purposes of liability in auto collisions;
  • The rule of contributory negligence that operates to reduce a victim’s compensation if he or she was responsible for causing the accident;
  • Court procedural rules that impose various deadlines, rules, and requirements once a lawsuit is filed; and,
  • Many others.


Talk to Our Alaska Tourist Injury Lawyers About Local Representation

Accident victims will always face an uphill battle when trying to recover compensation from an at-fault party, but being a visitor to Alaska means additional challenges. For more information on how our team can protect your rights, please contact Power & Power Law to set up a free consultation today.