Four Traffic Laws Alaska Motorists Frequently Violate


You might be careful, attentive, and follow all the rules of the road in the State of Alaska Driver Manual, but not all motorists are as diligent and conscientious as you. Any time you get behind the wheel, you are sharing the road with drivers who ignore the traffic laws that are intended to protect everyone. Some are in a rush, others disregard a traffic signal, and many do not even know the basic right-of-way rules.


Regardless of the underlying reasons, motorists who violate traffic laws put other road users at serious risk of injury. You could be hurt as a vehicle occupant, but you might also be involved in a pedestrian or bicycle collision with an inattentive driver. Retaining an Anchorage, AK car accident lawyer is critical under such circumstances, but you can protect yourself when you know the traffic laws Alaska drivers often do not follow.


Speed Limits 

Authorities establish maximum speed limits for specific reasons that are directly related to conditions present on that stretch of road. The restrictions may be due to:

  • Physical or visual obstructions;
  • Sharp curves or steep grades;
  • Traffic volume; or,
  • Many other factors.


Officials aim to reduce the risk of accidents by setting speed limits, so violating the law increases the potential for crashes.


Prohibitions on Cell Phone Use

There is a ban on texting while driving for all Alaska motorists, and the offense is a misdemeanor – not just a traffic ticket as in other US states. Despite the potential for a criminal conviction, some drivers simply cannot put the phone down. Texting requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention, all of which should be focused on safe operation of the vehicle.


Traffic Controls

Alaska traffic laws employ signals, signage, lane markings, and other controls with safety in mind. Some of these features are rules or requirements; others may act as a warning to alert motorists to conditions. The potential for severe auto collisions increases when drivers disregard the regulations, such as by:

  • Running red lights;
  • Accelerating to make it through a yellow light;
  • Overtaking vehicles in a no-passing zone; or,
  • Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.


Laws on Drunk and Drugged Driving

Consuming alcohol or controlled substances affects a motorist’s physical abilities and cognitive capabilities, though the degree of impairment depends upon the amount. One of the biggest threats is “tipsy” or “buzzed” driving, since individuals think they are OK to operate a vehicle after just a couple of drinks. Many do not realize that their capacity to drive has been compromised.


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