Serious Injuries are Common in Alaska Bicycle Accidents


Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to get exercise, travel for work and personal errands, and reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, bicyclists face many different hazards as they share the road with much larger, heavier motorized vehicles. Statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) confirm the risks and reveal that bicycle accidents are on the rise. Over the last decade, the number of fatal transportation incidents involving bike riders has increased by 37%. While it is reassuring to know that injury-causing bicycle accidents have decreased by 40% during this same time period, there are still more than 300,000 bike riders hurt in collisions every year.


Considering the size differential between vehicles, it is not surprising to learn that the bicyclist is most likely to suffer serious trauma in a crash. These injuries can carry long-term complications and potentially lead to permanent disability. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses, so contact an Anchorage, AK bicycle accident attorney if you sustained:


  • Head Injuries

The importance of wearing a helmet cannot be stressed enough, but head injuries are still a factor in up to 47% of bicycle collisions. Victims may suffer concussion or other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) when a violent blow causes the brain to come into contact with the skull. Other serious head injuries involve skull fracture, brain contusion, intracranial hemorrhage, and permanent brain damage. The long-term consequences for a victim depend upon the area of the brain affected.


  • Trauma to Lower Extremities

The lower body of a bicycle rider is largely unprotected, and the legs and hips are at almost the exact level of an average automobile. The most common injuries to the lower extremities include fractures to the femur, patella, tibia, or fibula. One of the most severe types of trauma is hip dislocation, which is excruciatingly painful and can cause damage to adjacent blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissues.


  • Road Rash

This type of bicycle accident injury also impacts motorcycle riders, since it results when the body skids along pavement and grazes exposed skin. Road rash encompasses aspects of an abrasion as well as burn injuries, so it can be extremely painful. A bicyclist is almost always tossed in a crash, leading to a secondary impact when he or she hits the ground or another surface.


  • Spinal Cord Injuries

 Trauma to the back can be serious depending on whether the harm to the spinal cord is complete or incomplete; a complete injury leads to loss of function to all systems and limbs below the affected vertebrae.


Reach Out to an Alaska Bicycle Accident Lawyer About Legal Remedies

If you suffered from the above bike crash injuries or related trauma, you may be able to pursue the at-fault motorist for such losses as medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Because the legal process can be complicated, trust our team at Power & Power Law for assistance. To set up a free consultation with a skilled attorney, please contact our Anchorage, Alaska offices today.