Concerns for Parents When Accidents Cause Permanent Injuries to Children


Accidents are among the top causes of death and disability across all age groups in the US, and statistics show how the risks of injuries specifically impact children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in five child fatalities are due to unintentional injuries. Moreover, a child receives medical care in the emergency room every four seconds. The CDC points out that child injuries are preventable and usually only happen because of negligent acts, such as those that result in car accidents, drowning, fires, and falls.

In a particularly horrific accident, it is possible that your child could suffer long-term medical consequences and permanent disability. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, but it may come as a comfort to know that Alaska personal injury laws protect your family. Retaining an Anchorage child injury lawyer is an important first step to recovering compensation for your child’s losses. The following concerns should motivate parents to pursue all available legal remedies.


Astronomical Medical Costs

When a child suffers serious, catastrophic injuries, the expenses for immediate and short-term care can quickly skyrocket. The average cost of a three-day stay in the hospital is around $30,000, not including surgery or x-rays, MRIs, CT scan, and other imaging tests. In the weeks following release from the hospital, you may incur additional medical costs for physical therapy, rehabilitation, medications, and care from medical specialists.


Expenses Related to Long-Term Consequences

Depending on their severity, permanent injuries to children require ongoing care, monitoring, and possibly additional surgeries. Costs over the years may include:

  • Wheelchairs and crutches;
  • Costs to adapt your vehicle and home to accommodate your child’s special needs;
  • A hospital bed and related equipment;
  • Skilled nursing care, either in-home or through placement in an assisted living facility; and
  • Special education to address your child’s cognitive, social, and developmental needs.


Parents as Caregivers 

Many parents would prefer to keep their child at home instead of an assisted living center, but keep in mind that there can be ramifications for your employment. A child with permanent, disabling injuries will likely require 24/7 care, making it difficult to balance your job with caregiving responsibilities. You will lose out on income as a result. Though public assistance may be available through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, Medicare/Medicaid, and other sources, it may be difficult to make ends meet.


Impacts on Quality of Life

You may not be able to define the losses in terms of a dollar value, but it is also important to consider how your child’s quality of life is affected by being permanently disabled. He or she may be unable to enjoy favorite activities, develop relationships with friends, or attend school – missing out on the joys of growing up.


Contact an Anchorage Child Injury Attorney to Discuss Legal Options

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