What to Do After Leaving the Scene of an Alaska Car Accident

The aftermath of a traffic crash can be chaotic and confusing, but you are probably aware of what you must do legally andshould do to protect your interests. Alaska’s car accident reporting requirements detail the requirements at the scene of the collision. When there is a fatality, bodily injury to a victim, or more than $2,000 in property damage, motorists need to file a report within 10 days. This requirement does not apply when police respond to the crash scene, which will be the case when you call 911. Other tips while at the scene include collecting evidence, such as getting contact information from witnesses and taking photos.

However, there are also some tasks you should accomplish in the days after a motor vehicle collision. A key priority is consulting with an Anchorage car accident lawyer about your legal remedies, since you may qualify for compensation as a victim. Some additional tips on what to do after leaving the scene are important as well.


Seek Proper Medical Care

You should get treatment immediately after the collision, but visit an urgent care center or make an appointment with your doctor right away. The longer you wait, the more harm to your legal rights. Insurance companies view your delay as a statement that you were not hurt badly, thus reducing your compensation.


Contact Your Insurer

Many insurance companies have apps or online tools for handling claims, so get the process started as soon as possible. Comply with all requirements established by your insurer. Still, keep in mind that you may be dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to recover certain types of losses.


Notify Your Employer

 Depending on the severity of your injuries and nature of your job, you may be unable to work after a car accident. Fortunately, you can recover your lost wages if you miss work or are limited in the job tasks you can perform. Make sure to let your employer know your circumstances so you can return on good terms when possible.


Organize Evidence

Your lawyer will be developing a strategy to obtain monetary damages for your losses, and the legal process starts with filing a claim with the responsible motorist’s insurer. Therefore, all photos, video, contact information, and relevant details that you gathered at the scene will be important. Make sure to list and organize each item to streamline the claims process.


Start a Journal

You may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, so you can support your claim by creating a diary of your experiences as you recover. Note your pain levels, physical limitations, and how your injuries impact your enjoyment of life. Keep in mind that this journal may ultimately be shared with the at-fault party.

Set Up a Free Consultation With an Alaska Car Accident Attorney

By following these tips, you are in a better position to leverage your legal remedies after an auto crash. To learn more about recovering monetary damages for your losses, please contact Power & Power Law in Anchorage, Alaska. You can schedule a no-cost case evaluation with an experienced lawyer by calling 907-222-9990 or visiting our website.