Traffic Laws Alaska Bicycle Riders Must Follow

Summer is in the air throughout Alaska, which means more people are dusting off their bicycles and heading out to ride for fun, work, errands, and exercise. As you are preparing your bike, it is also a good time for a reminder on safety issues and ways to reduce the risk of accidents. You are probably aware that the traffic laws covered in the State of Alaska Driver Manual apply to everyone sharing the road, and that includes bicyclists and pedestrians. You may not be operating a motorized vehicle, but it is critical to know the rules that bicycle riders are required to follow.

The concerns about complying with traffic laws are not just a ticket and fine; there are serious safety risks when other road users driving much larger, heavier vehicles expect that bike riders will adhere to the regulations. Protect yourself from Anchorage, AK bicycle accidents by reviewing this refresher course on the rules.

Stay to the Right: There are designated bike lanes for this purpose in certain parts of the city, but you should always ride on the right side of the road regardless. The only exception is when you maneuver to make a left turn as described below. In addition, make sure to travel in the same direction of traffic at all times.


Traffic Lights and Signage: Since all traffic controls apply to you as a bicycle rider, come to a full stop at red lights and only proceed when you get the green. Do not veer over into a crosswalk or ride on the sidewalk just to beat the light, unless permitted by law.


Right of Way Laws: One area of confusion is who must yield at a four-way stop sign, and the vehicle that arrives first will have right of way. However, when two or more vehicles stop at the same time, the one to the left must allow the individual to the right to proceed first.


Turns at Intersections: You will need to leave the right side of the road to make a left turn, and you should only initiate the maneuver after checking for other vehicles. Plus:

  • Make sure to use arm signals to indicate your intentions.
  • Comply with left turn arrows, if present.
  • Do not underestimate the speed of oncoming traffic when turning left.


No Lane Splitting: It is tempting to ride between motorized vehicles that are stopped or slowed, but this practice known as lane splitting is illegal. A bicycle rider can pass a car that is parked, but you cannot overtake vehicles by riding in between the lanes.

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Following these and other traffic laws will reduce the risk of injuries, but bike collisions will always be a threat when drivers are negligent. Fortunately, you may qualify to recover compensation for your losses if you were hurt in a bicycle accident. To learn more about your legal options, please contact Power & Power Law in Anchorage, Alaska. You can set up a free consultation by calling 907-222-9990 or visiting us online.