Why Head Injuries Should be a Major Concern for Alaska Tourists


The Alaska tourism industry continues to attract visitors from across the globe, with an estimated 2.26 million guests forecast to arrive for the five-month-long summer season running from May through September 2022. The last thing you want ruining your vacation to the Last Frontier State is an injury of any kind, but data indicates that the risks of head trauma are high here. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 223,000 people are hospitalized for traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, while another 60,600 are killed because of head trauma. Considering some of the adventures that tourists seek during their visits to Alaska, the risks can be extreme.

Though you are not entirely safe from injuries even when on vacation, it is a comfort to know that you have legal remedies if you suffer TBI. You may qualify for compensation, but it may be difficult to pursue the responsible party once you return home. Instead, consult with an Alaska tourist injuries attorney right away. There are a few points that should convince you that head injuries are an urgent concern.


Alaska Adventures and TBI Risks

The state’s landscapes are extreme, from Denali and the Alaska Range mountains to pristine glaciers, gorgeous coastline, and untouched wilderness. There is a massive number of activities, tours, and excursions that offer a close-up view – as well as a truly immersive experience. The risks of TBI are high when tourists partake in fun adventures like:

  • Hiking;
  • Downhill and cross-country skiing;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Zip-lining;
  • White water rafting;
  • Dog sledding;
  • Ice climbing;
  • Riding snowmobiles, snow machines, and ATVs; and,
  • Deep sea fishing.


Head Injuries Aboard Cruise Ships

An estimated 1.5 million tourists will enjoy the best Alaska has to offer by cruise ship, and there are risks on board as well. Some operators offer shore excursions similar to those described above, but staying on the ship is not a guarantee against TBI-causing accidents. Cruises still have plenty of water-based activities and recreation, albeit enclosed to protect against weather. Still, the dangers of head injuries around slick surfaces persists. You could suffer TBI while enjoying the pool, hot tub, water slides, and splash pads.

Plus, another concern about head injuries onboard a cruise ship relates to medical care. These vessels are equipped to provide basic first aid when necessary – not to deliver specialized, detailed medical treatment for TBI. They may lack imaging equipment to determine the nature and severity of head injuries, so a diagnosis could be inaccurate or incomplete. Onboard physicians tend to focus on primary care, not neurology. When accidents on a cruise do cause TBI, it is usually necessary to take an airlift to the closest hospital.


Rely on Our Alaska Tourist Injuries Lawyers for Legal Support

TBIs can range in severity and long-term complications, so prompt medical attention is critical. Retaining qualified legal help is also crucial, so please contact Power & Power Law right away. You can call 907-222-9990 or go online to schedule a free consultation at our Anchorage, AK offices.