Speed Remains a Top Cause of Car Accidents in Alaska


One of the most basic traffic laws that every driver knows is the speed limit, and the fundamental reason behind implementing this regulations is safety. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that many motorists disregard posted speed limits, and some drive too fast for conditions. Both scenarios increase the potential for crashes, and the Alaska Highway Safety Office reports on the implications. On average, there are approximately 65 fatalities every year from motor vehicle collisions. Almost half – 32 victims – of these deaths are linked to speeding. Thousands of other individuals are injured in speed-related crashes, leading to considerable losses.

Speeding is a form of negligence under Alaska personal injury laws, so you can pursue the at-fault driver and seek compensation for your losses. Many of these claims settle, which is an option to consider when you look at the benefits. You should trust your Anchorage car accident lawyer for guidance with settlement, but some information on speeding car accidents is useful.


Relationship Between Speed and Auto Collisions

The role of speed in motor vehicle crashes is two-fold: On the one hand, speed heightens the risk of being involved in a traffic accident; on the other, speed increases the severity of a collision. As such:

  • When speeding, a motorist may be unable to process information in time to act upon it.
  • Braking distance is longer when coming to a stop from higher speeds. For instance, it takes approximately six seconds and 302 feet to stop when traveling at 55 miles per hour. At a speed of 35 mph, the stopping distance is 136 feet.
  • With two vehicles of roughly the same mass, the auto traveling at a lower speed will absorb more of the energy of the impact in a car crash. The occupants in the slower vehicle bear the brunt of the collision, so the injuries can be severe.


Settlement in Speed-Related Car Accident Claims 

The legal process after an auto crash starts with filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, which usually triggers settlement discussions. There are numerous advantages to settling out of court as opposed to litigation:

  • By agreeing on compensation for your losses, you can receive payment faster than waiting for a lawsuit to be resolved.
  • You gain certainty when settling a traffic crash claim, as you never know how a jury will view your evidence. This is especially true with speed-related accidents where there was no ticket issued to the other driver.
  • When you resolve your vehicle accident claim by agreement, you will not have to testify in court. Being on the witness stand and subjected to cross-examination can be daunting.


Our Alaska Car Accident Attorneys Will Assist With Your Claim

If you were hurt in an auto collision related to speeding or any other form of negligence, legal representation is critical for protecting your rights. For information on compensation in car accident cases, please contact Power & Power Law to speak with a member of our team. You can set up a no-cost consultation at our Anchorage offices by calling 907-222-9990 or going online.