Winter Safety Tips to Avoid Alaska Pedestrian Accidents


While they may not occur as frequently as other traffic crashes, especially in winter, statistics reveal that pedestrian accidents still occur with alarming frequency. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 6,000 people on foot are killed by motorized vehicles every year. That is a rate of around one death every 90 minutes, making walkers one and a half times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident compared to occupants of a vehicle. Plus, another 137,000 pedestrians are treated in emergency rooms for accidental injuries annually. The physical, financial, and emotional consequences can be devastating.

Alaska personal injury laws cover collisions involving people on foot, so it is possible to recover monetary damages from the at-fault motorist. You might be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and anAnchorage pedestrian accident can help with the process. Some safety tips may also be useful for helping you avoid the risks.


Safety Tips for Walking in Winter

The biggest threat to pedestrian safety is walking at night and in urban areas, but a few tips should help you protect yourself in various scenarios.

  • Wear proper footwear. Flat-soled boots are best for navigating snowy streets, and make sure yours have significant traction for slippery surfaces. You can purchase cleats to fit over your shoes, and these work well for icy conditions.
  • Always cross streets at intersections and comply with traffic signals.
  • Walk on designated sidewalks where present, and stick close to the right shoulder when there is no paved path. Avoid walking against traffic on the left side of the road.
  • Pay attention to your body position when walking in slick conditions. Bend slightly forward to distribute your weight over your feet, which lowers and balances your center of gravity.
  • Take short steps or shuffle your feet to maintain contact with the ground.


Legal Tips for Victims of Pedestrian Accidents

 Safety measures cannot always prevent crashes when negligent motorists are behind the wheel, and the aftermath of a crash can be chaotic. Some information on what to do after a pedestrian accident should help you get through the incident:

  • Seek medical care right away, whether you head to the ER, an urgent care center, or your own doctor. If you wait or delay getting treatment, there can be implications for your health and your rights.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the at-fault driver, but do not get into the details of the crash. By revealing too much, you could harm your interests.
  • If contacted by an insurance company, keep conversation to a minimum.
  • Never sign a release or other documentation presented by the insurer, even when you are asked to do so in exchange for payment, unless you are certain you are ready to settle your claim.


Our Alaska Pedestrian Accidents Lawyers Will Protect Your Interests 

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