Victim’s Checklist After an Alaska Pedestrian Accident

While it is a relief to know that Alaska does not rank high in terms of fatal pedestrian accidents, the statistics are still concerning. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) places the state at the #21 spot for traffic-related deaths to people on foot, with approximately 13 victims killed every year. Not surprisingly, Anchorage is home to many pedestrian fatalities due to higher traffic from walkers in urban areas, with around nine deaths. The number of injured victims is much higher, and another figure points to a disturbing trend: The percentage of pedestrians who suffer severe injuries in traffic collisions has doubled in recent years.

Any crash can be overwhelming as you try to manage pain from your injuries and absorb the chaos around you. It is helpful to have a guide that you can refer to for tips and tasks, as you have pressing medical needs and need to protect your legal rights at the same time. Retaining an Anchorage pedestrian accident attorney should be a top priority, but this checklist can help you get through the confusion in the immediate aftermath.

Call 911

There are reporting requirements when you have been involved in a traffic-related collision, so dial 911 to get first responders on the way. EMTs will arrive to provide emergency care and transport victims to the ER as necessary. Plus, crews will assist with moving other vehicles safely around the scene to prevent further harm.


Seek Medical Care

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you should head to the ER or urgent care center – if first responders do not get you on the way already. Your recovery from pedestrian accident injuries depends on a prompt diagnosis and quick treatment. There are also implications for your rights. If you do not seek treatment, the assumption is that you were not hurt badly.

Exchange Information

Make sure to obtain the at-fault motorist’s contact details and insurance information, as this is where you will file a claim after a pedestrian crash. You should also share your contact information, despite the fact that you were not in a motorized vehicle.

Keep Conversations Brief

Other than the exchange of essential details, do not engage the responsible driver in a discussion about the accident. Never admit fault or state how you think the incident happened.


Use Caution in Dealings with an Insurance Company

If contacted by an insurer, you should also keep the discussion brief. The only details you should provide are your contact information, the date of the pedestrian accident, and your attorney’s details. During the conversation, NEVER:

  • Consent to having your statements recorded or respond to questions that are being recorded.
  • Agree to sign a release, even when promised payment in return.

Contact an Alaska Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for Information About Your Rights

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