What to Do if You are Injured in an Anchorage Uber Crash

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city in terms of population, and at 2,000 square miles, it is also quite sizeable in area. These factors and others make Uber, Lyft, and related companies very attractive to residents and visitors alike. Statistics on ridesharing services, or transportation network companies (TNCs) as they are called in Alaska, prove their popularity. In 2021, the global market for ridesharing was $85.8 billion and is expected to reach more than $185 billion in the next three years. The number of Americans who use Uber has doubled since 2015, with approximately 26% of all users booking a ridesharing service at least once a month.

However, just because they are popular does not make Uber and Lyft safer. TNC drivers may be negligent in operating their vehicles, and they often encounter other motorists who breach the duty of care when driving. If you were involved in a ridesharing crash, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do. A top priority should be contacting an Alaska car accident lawyer to learn about remedies, but there are additional tasks to take on.


What to do After an Uber Collision

Your health is a primary concern after any traffic accident, so head to the hospital ER for critical treatment or an urgent care facility for same-day care. Depending on the severity of your injuries, some additional To Do’s include:

  • Call 911 to get first responders on the way to the scene.
  • Get contact information from all involved motorists.
  • If you were injured by a rideshare driver while you were traveling in a different vehicle, determine whether the Uber driver had a passenger OR was on the way to pick one up.
  • Other than exchanging contact information, do not get involved in discussions about fault or who caused the accident.
  • An insurance company may contact you, but you should avoid answering questions or providing a statement. The best way to handle the conversation is to provide your attorney’s phone number.


Steps in the Legal Process After a Rideshare Crash

The key to liability in an Uber accident is whether the TNC driver was logged into the app. The rideshare company’s insurance policy kicks in if the driver was transporting a passenger or driving to pick up a user. When the Uber driver is not using the app, they have the same status as any other motorist who causes an accident. That driver’s personal auto insurance would cover losses.

Therefore, you will be filing an insurance claim as an initial step. You may be able to negotiate a settlement, but insurance companies typically try to lowball victims to protect their own interests. If the insurer refuses to pay an amount to fairly compensate you for your losses, you will need to sue in court.


Our Anchorage Car Accident Attorneys Will Assist With the Process

For more information on your options after being injured in a ridesharing collision, please contact Power & Power Law in Anchorage, Alaska. You can schedule a complimentary case evaluation by calling 907-222-9990 or checking out our website.