How Experts Support Your Alaska Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents do not make up a large percentage of the total motor vehicle crashes in the US, but they do cause horrific devastation when they occur. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that there are approximately 4,480 collisions involving large trucks every year, causing 5,005 fatalities. Tragically, 890 of these deaths are occupants of the 18-wheeler, while 82% are occupants of the passenger vehicle. Another 158,000 people suffer injuries, which are often catastrophic and lead to long-term complications.

Alaska personal injury laws protect victims of truck crashes, allowing you to pursue the operator, trucking company, carrier, and other applicable parties. Solid proof is critical when seeking compensation, so Anchorage truck accident attorneys rely on experts to assist in certain non-legal areas. When filing a claim with an insurer and/or in court, you may benefit from crucial support in working with:

Medical Experts

Truck crashes are more likely to cause serious, sometimes catastrophic injuries to victims, so medical professionals are often helpful for:

  • Explaining complex medical concepts in laymen’s terms;
  • Translating medical records and reports;
  • Consulting with your lawyer about strategy; and,
  • Testifying in court.

Assistance from medical experts helps prove how your injuries affect your life for purposes of monetary damages, as opposed to fault in the truck accident. A physician’s testimony and advice aims to ensure you receive fair compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other limitations resulting from your injuries.


Accident Reconstruction Specialists

To succeed with a truck collision claim, you must be able to prove that the crash happened because the truck operator failed to exercise reasonable care when driving. Accident reconstruction experts apply their knowledge of advanced physics and use computer software to recreate the scene of the truck accident. These specialists can provide input on:

  • Speed of the vehicles;
  • Angles of the collision;
  • Data from event data recorders, a.k.a. the “black box” on vehicles that track speed, braking, and other actions; and,
  • Energy analysis, which is how the speed and weight of a vehicle affect impact.


Financial Analysts

These experts are also dedicated to evaluating damages instead of fault in a truck accident. The key with economists and related professionals is showing the financial implications of your injuries over time. They can answer questions about future earning capacity and what you would have made in income had you not been hurt. Financial analysts can also predict the cost of permanent injuries and disability, another important factor in assessing compensation.

Like medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists, these professionals may also provide input and testify at trial.

An Alaska Truck Accident Lawyer Will Assist With Strategy

Experts play a powerful role in your truck crash case, especially when you know that the insurer and other potential parties will retain them to fight your claim. For more information on how we work with these professionals, please contact Power & Power Law. You can call 907-222-9990 or visit our website to set up a no-cost consultation at our offices in Anchorage, Alaska. After reviewing your circumstances, an Alaska truck accident attorney can offer additional details.