Will I Have to Go to Court After an Alaska Tourism Accident?

Alaska’s tourism industry experienced the same blow as destinations across the globe during the pandemic, but data indicates that visitors are back and eager to travel. According to the Alaska Resource Development Council, the state was on track in 2023 to welcome 2.26 million guests for business and vacation fun. From the northern lights and skiing in the winter to hiking and enjoying up to 22 hours of daylight in the summer, activities abound in any season.

Unfortunately, tourists are exposed to the same risk of accidents they face at home, and there are additional threats when in unfamiliar territory. You can rest assured that you still have rights under Alaska law, including options for seeking compensation from the at-fault party. However, there is a key question many visitors ask when far from home: Will I have to go to court after an accident? There is a good chance you will NOT when your Anchorage tourist injuries lawyernegotiates a fair settlement, and the advantages are considerable.


Settling an Alaska Tourism Accident Claim

The main reason victims ask about litigation versus settlement is that they would have to travel for court purposes. Plus, even before the trial, a victim would likely be called to appear for a deposition. Settling out of court or during pretrial would avoid a trip to Alaska to enforce your rights.

However, there are certain advantages to settling your claim regardless of where you live.

  • Negotiating a settlement and executing an agreement gives you certainty. You do not carry the risk of losing at trial, which is always a possibility.
  • Though there may be some back-and-forth during negotiations, settling your case is faster than going through the litigation process. A lawsuit could take a year or more to get on the court’s trial schedule, and even longer for complex cases.
  • With settlement being faster than litigation and your lawyer not needing to prepare for trial, your legal costs are considerably reduced.


What to Expect with Litigation 

Despite the benefits of settling out-of-court, it is a mistake to accept an insufficient counteroffer made by the at-fault party or insurer. When settlement negotiations break down, you will need to take the next step by going to court.

Fortunately, there are many litigation tasks and activities that do not require you to be present in Alaska. Your attorney will appear on your behalf at all pretrial court appearances, which are usually related to status on discovery and settlement discussions. You can often appear for a deposition remotely, via video and audio conference that will be recorded. However, when the trial date arrives, you must appear in court to testify and participate.

Trust Your Alaska Tourist Injuries Attorney to Develop an Appropriate Strategy

There is always a chance that you will have to go to court, but Power & Power Law strives to ensure you receive fair compensation through settlement. For more information, please call 907-222-9990 or go online to reach our offices in Anchorage, Alaska. We can schedule a free consultation with an experienced tourist accident lawyer.