How Experts Can Maximize Damages in an Alaska Car Accident Claim


In any type of motor vehicle accident claim, proof is essential to establishing your right to compensation. It is especially important to have solid evidence regarding fault and the nature of your injuries, since these components are usually topics of considerable dispute – whether you are dealing with an insurance company or a court of law. As such, most Alaska car accidents attorneys work with a range of experts to assist with evidentiary issues. The insights of these professionals can go a long way toward getting the full amount of monetary damages you may be entitled to by law.

While you can trust your lawyer to handle the details in retaining experts, you might find it helpful to know how they will support your claim.


Experts Work to Support Your Auto Crash Claim

The Alaska Rules of Evidence provide that parties to litigation can use experts to testify in court where their scientific or specialized knowledge will assist the judge or jury in understanding the evidence. When highly technical facts are at the core of the case, experts can explain them in layman’s terms. Their participation is your advantage. When the jury has a better grasp of complex concepts, jurors are more likely to find in your favor.


Types of Experts in a Car Accident Case

An expert’s knowledge and skills can bring clarity in many types of civil lawsuits, but there are three types of experts that lawyers commonly use in auto crash claims:


  • Medical Experts: Compensation for your medical costs is easy to prove through documentation; proving that you are entitled to damages for subjective losses related to your injuries is more complex. An expert can support your claim for pain and suffering by comparing your injuries to the experiences of others, potentially increasing your compensation for non-economic damages.
  • Accident Reconstruction Specialists: Car accidents are a classic “he said – she said” scenario, where each driver blames the other for causing the crash. There are basic principles of physics involved with these incidents, however, so it is possible to prove fault by drawing out science-based, credible causes. This is the focus of accident reconstruction experts, who have the background and computer software to recreate the conditions of a collision.
  • Economic Professionals: It is possible that you will miss more than just a few days of work because of your car accident injuries. If you are hurt so badly that you cannot work in your chosen profession, you might be entitled to lost future earning capacity. Financial analysts and economists know the complicated formulas that help prove this type of loss.


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