Out-of-State Car Accidents: A Guide for Visitors to Alaska


It is horrible to be injured in any motor vehicle collision, but your situation is even more devastating when you are the victim of a crash in a state you do not call home. When you are in unfamiliar territory, you are out of your comfort zone and do not have the same support systems in place. It should be a relief to know that your rights in an Alaska auto accident are similar to other jurisdictions.

However, there are some unique factors involved, so it is wise to get legal help from an Alaska tourist injuries attorney. You can also read on for some important background information when you are hurt in an out-of-state car crash.


The Claims Process for Non-Residents

 No matter where the crash happened, your first step in recovering monetary damages for your losses is filing an injury claim with the responsible motorist’s insurance company. Your primary place of residence does not affect your rights in the process, but retaining a lawyer increases the likelihood that you can obtain fair, reasonable compensation for your losses.

Always remember that insurers in any state are businesses first and foremost. They are dedicated to increasing profits; paying out compensation to accident victims is a threat to this objective. While a claims adjuster may convince you to accept a lowball settlement amount, these employees do not attempt these tricks with experienced attorneys.


Litigation for Out-of-State Car Accidents

If the insurer refuses to pay a sufficient amount to cover your losses, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in court. At this point, your place of residence does matter. The case must be filed in the location where the accident took place in Alaska. Litigation will proceed according to that jurisdiction’s procedural rules, and all court hearings take place in that borough’s courthouse. As such, you should work with a lawyer who is familiar with the process and knows the state laws that apply to your case.


Special Considerations About Alaska Auto Crash Claims

 You can trust your attorney with the details of the legal system, but there are two specifics to note:

  • Alaska’s statute of limitations is two years, which means you must file a lawsuit in the appropriate court before that period expires. The clock starts running on the date of the auto accident. If you fail to initiate litigation within this time frame, you can never recover compensation.
  • Alaska follows the rule of comparative negligence in auto crash cases. If you are partly responsible for the collision, your compensation amount will be reduced in proportion to the amount of fault attributable to you.


Contact an Alaska Tourist Injury Lawyer About Your Claim

If you were injured in an auto accident in Anchorage or anywhere in Alaska, contact Power & Power Law to set up a free case evaluation with an experienced attorney. We assist residents of all U.S. states with insurance claims, and we are prepared to take your case to court as necessary to enforce your rights.