Getting Proof When No Longer at the Scene of an Alaska Car Accident


You know that car accidents are among the top causes of unintentional, nonfatal injuries throughout the country, but you might be surprised to see how Alaska ranks among other US states. According to a recent article in the Anchorage Press, The Last Frontier had the worst drivers in the country in 2020. Experts pointed out such factors as careless driving, speeding, and drunk driving as underlying reasons for the distinction. These forms of negligence are often linked with the most serious auto collisions, in which many victims are immediately transported by ambulance to local trauma centers.

Getting proper medical treatment is a priority, but being rushed to the hospital does create a conundrum if you were injured: You are unable to collect critical evidence at the scene of the crash, which would support your claim for compensation. Fortunately, your Anchorage, AK car accident lawyer can employ strategies to investigate and get essential proof. Even so, you should note a few sources of evidence when you cannot be in two places at once.


Other Vehicle Occupants

Anyone traveling with you can collect evidence on your behalf after you were transported away from the scene. All they need is a cell phone camera to capture images of:

  • Property damage;
  • Traffic signs, lane markings, and related signals;
  • Skid marks or other indications of a crash;
  • Weather conditions; and,
  • Other physical characteristics at the scene.


Bystanders and Third-Party Witnesses

If you are able, instruct other occupants of your vehicle to try and locate individuals who may have observed the motor vehicle collision. Your attorney can contact potential witnesses and determine whether their input would be helpful to your car accident claim.


Business Security Cameras

Offices, stores, restaurants, and other businesses often install surveillance cameras for security purposes. If the lens was pointed in the vicinity of the crash, there may be footage showing how the other driver’s negligence led to the auto collision.


Vehicle “Black Box” Recorders

Many late-model automobiles come equipped with electronic data recorders (EDRs) that gather data regarding the vehicle’s systems before, during, and after a collision. The black box from either vehicle could reveal key information on speed, rate of acceleration, applying the brakes, and other details regarding fault.



You can retain individuals with specialized knowledge or training to assist with your claim for compensation, and many car accident lawyers rely on experts for crucial support. A private investigator can uncover evidence and potential witnesses to establish causation; an accident reconstruction expert employs concepts of physics and computer software to demonstrate how the other driver’s actions were the primary cause of the collision.


Trust Our Alaska Auto Collision Attorneys to Thoroughly Investigate

You might be feeling hopeless if you were unable to collect important evidence after a car accident, but you can count on our lawyers at Power & Power Law to conduct an exhaustive investigation. For more information on your rights and remedies as an injured victim, please contact our Anchorage, Alaska offices to set up a free consultation.