Top Causes of Charter Airline Accidents in Alaska


There is a saying that traveling by air is safer than getting into a motor vehicle, and a recent report lends some truth to the adage. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) report for 2019, the rate of general aviation accidents continues its decline after hitting a record low in 2015. Included in these figures are all incidents involving non-military, non-scheduled flights in US airspace, as well as those involving planes landing or departing from US stations.


However, the news is not so rosy for anyone booking a charter flight in Anchorage or other parts of Alaska. The general aviation rate in the state was 2.35 times higher than the national average overall and 1.34 times higher for fatal accidents. You can trust an Alaska aviation accidents lawyer to fight for your rights if you were hurt or lost a loved one, but it is also important to understand the causes behind charter flight crashes.

  1. Pilot Error: Negligence by the operator remains the top cause of accidents in the charter flight industry, but pilot errors are often linked to carelessness by others. Charter companies may be negligent in hiring an unqualified individual, failing to conduct proper training, or not being diligent in ensuring that their employees are properly licensed to fly various aircraft.


  1. Failure to Properly Repair or Maintain Planes: Aircraft incorporate complicated machinery, technology, and systems, which can break down or suffer from wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential for charter airlines to painstakingly undertake maintenance requirements and conduct inspections. Companies must also make prompt repairs to ensure the safety of passengers.


  1. Structural or Design Defects: Part of what makes airplanes so complex is that they encompass numerous components, any of which could include defects. The manufacturer of individual parts could be liable if errors in the design or manufacturing process leads to a charter flight accident.


  1. Controlled Flight into Terrain Accidents: Aviation safety in Alaska has been an ongoing concern primarily because of the frequency of these collisions, defined as a crash that occurs when an airworthy plane is unintentionally flown into ground or water. These accidents are likely a combination of other factors, including pilot error, improper maintenance, and instrument failure.


  1. Violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Standards: FAA regulations exist for a reason, but even seemingly minor violations can increase the potential for collisions. Charter flight operators put passengers at risk by departing in poor weather conditions, assigning unrated pilots to aircraft, and other forms of negligence.


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